Ruxton's Trading Post

Ruxton's Trading Post is located in an historic building that straddles Ruxton Creek. Ruxton Creek served as a landmark and route for Native Americans and early 19th century explorers.  One of those explorers was Frederick Ruxton and it seemed appropriate that we name our store after him.

Ruxton Avenue is the route to the Cog Railway Station and the Barr Trail Trailhead. Ride the Cog Railway to the summit of Pikes Peak or test your stamina on Barr Trail, a 13 mile climb to the summit.

Ruxton's Trading Post features Cowboy and Indian Antiques and Collectibles and Native American Art. Please browse our site or contact us with your wants.

Gretchen and Mike Graham, Proprietors

Vintage Cowboy Boots

This page features old cut-out or filigree style cowboy boots. They are also commonly referred to as vintage cowboy boots. Some boots feature inlays of flowers, butterflies, geometric designs or an eagle. We have some Acme and Texas brand boots. In the past we have had Bohlin, Nacona, Kirkendall and Olsen Stelzer boots. These boots are very popular to wear or to display on a shelf. This style of boot was mostly made between the 1930's and 1960's. However, with growing interest, this style is back in production at many boot companies. The boots on our site are the older, vintage kind. Please look through our selection. WARNING, you may become a boot collector!
Nacona Inlaid Boots,  Cut outs in very good condition 8

Nacona Inlaid Boots, Cut outs in very good condition.  These boots are approximately size 8.  The sole from front tip to back is 10.5 inches in a straight line.  One cloth pull on each boot has the Nacona gold printing on it.  The other pull on each boot is just black.

Price: $350.00
New Boots With Flower Inlay Like Old Justin Pattern
This is a boot that we are having made for us by a famous custom bootmaker. It is like a vintage Justin boot that we sold in our trading post but they are brand new and available in any size. The price includes postage in the USA. Thank you, Mike Graham
Price: $520.00
BOHO BOBO STYLE COWBOY BOOTS LIKE MARY KATE OLSON WEARS. Please let me explain how this project came to be. We own Ruxton's Trading Post in Manitou Springs, Colorado where we sell vintage and new western wear. We placed a pair of vintage Roy Rogers brand boots that were made in the 1950's or 1960's onto our web site. A few days passed and then we started having many people every day call us wanting to buy the boots. What they told us was that these boots were exactly like the ones being worn by Mary Kate Olsen of the Olsen twins. The problem was that we only had one pair and therefore, we only had one size. Now we have solved the size problem by having these boots made for us in Mexico by a small custom boot maker. These are top quality handmade boots made for us in many sizes. They are exact replicas of the classic boots that are high in demand. For ladies buy one size smaller than your regular shoe size. Now you can finally get the boots that you have wanted and in your size. Thank you for listening to our story. I will show 3 pictures of the boots that you are buying and also some pictures of the vintage boots that they are style from. This price includes S + H in the USA.
Price: $520.00

Ruxton's Trading Post

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