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7th Ed Old Cowboy Saddles and Spurs Book

7th Edition OLD COWBOY SADDLES and SPURS Identifying the Craftsmen Who Made Them by Gretchen & Mike Graham. Lists over 9000 saddle and spur makers from the past and present. This 240 page softcover book is in new condition. It has 250 photos of saddles and spurs as well as a old catalog pages from some of the Wests most famous makers. It includes an entertaining, two-part article by Bill Mackin on the Saddlemakers of Rawlins, Wyoming. Also included is an article about the Saddlemakers of Lander, Wyoming and rare Wyoming Spur Maker, J. C. Bell. Images from Al Furstnow Saddlery and Monroe Veach Saddlery show many of their finest saddles. Old harness and saddle shop photos from 1870 to the 1880s show how it really was. An expanded listing of 450 Contemporary Spur Makers shows some of todays finest trappings. Some of the saddle makers listed are H. H. Heiser, R. T. Frazier, Bona Allen, Victor Alexander, Bob Anderson, Victor Ario, Arizona Saddlery, F. O. Baird, Baldwin & Johnson, W. P. Ballinger, Barnes Harness Co., Charley Beals, Becker & Leonard, John Bianchi, Tommy Bish, Edward H. Bohlin, Bools & Butler, Frank Breganzer, Broken Arrow Saddlery, Shirley Brown Saddlery, Frederick Burkhard, Don Butler, T. W. Butterfield, Caldwell & Gillmore, Calgary Saddlery, Capriola, Carlock, Carmel Saddlery, Carson & Riley, Issac Cherry, Circle Y, John Clark, Frank Coenen, Collins Brothers, Collins and Morrison, Alfred Cornish, Court, Cowan, Crockett, John Deere, Davis, Denver, Donaho, Donnel. Double H, Edelbock, El Paso, Ernst, Flynn, Fortenot, Foster, Gallup, Furstnow, Garcia, Goettlich, Gorrell, Great West, Western, Gray, Great Plains, Great Western, Green and Bros., Gutierrez & Phillips, Hall, Hamburger, Hamilton, Hamley, Harpham, Hatfield, Hawkins, Hays, Heisman, Hess and Hopkins, Heydt, Hill, Ray Holes, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jacey, Johnson, Jones, Keller, Kelly, Keystone, King, Kirwan, Landis, Leddy, Lewis, Livingston, Louisville, Madison, Mantey, Main and Winchester, Marfa, Martin, Mcdonald, Miles City, Montgomery, Moran Bro., Morrow, Mueller, Myers, Nelson, Newbold, Nobby Harness Shop, Nye, O'Brien, Oliver, Olson Nolte, Parjer, Patterson, Pefley, Perkins Campbell, Pendleton, Phillippi, Phillips, Pioneer, Pollard, Potter, Potts, Powell, Power, Price, Ragsdale, Ray, Read, Rice, Richards, Roberts, Robinson, Rodda, Rocky Ford, Rogers, Ronstadt, Rose, roundtree, Samstag, Sass, Schaefer, Schmidt, Schieder, Schwartz, Sears Roebuck, Sentinel Butte, Severe, Shelton, Shipley, Sickles, Slade, Smith, Snyder, Stan Groff, Starr, Steiner, Stelzig, Stevens, Stewart, Stockman, Stockyards, Stockyard, Stone, Street, Sullivan, Ten Eyck, Tex Tan, thompson, Tucker, Van Voorhees, Veach, Verbeck, Velie, Visalia, Vogt, Voght, Wagner, Wallace, Ward, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wyeth, Yates, Young, Zimmerman and thousands more. This price includes S+H in the USA and Canada. Other countries at actual cost.........Our address is Ruxton's Trading Post, 22 Ruxton Avenue, Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829

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