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This brand new book as of May, 2003 features 123 contemorary bit and spur makers. Over 900 images are used to show innovative designs and traditional styles. Bit and spur makers included are, Susan Adams, Bill Adamson, David Alderson, Terry Alward, Ray Anderson, David Andrews, Tony Arballo, Tom Balding, Dale Bass, Ron Bliss, Bob Bohnenblust, Bo Bonds, Bill Boone, Brad Booze, Rick Brightwell, Kevin Burns, Randy Butters, Robert and Leo Campbell, Wilson Capron, David Carroll, Pat Castleberry, Jerry Cates, Bruce Cheaney, Monty Clark, Ricarda McCleary Clause, Jeff Clovin, Mark Dahl, Tabor Dahl, Lonnie Davis, Joe De La Ronde, Mike Dill, Lane Dilworth, Wayne Dollar, Mark Drain, Kevin Wilkins, Dave Elliott, Henry Ellis, John Ennis, Arne Esp, Robert Evans, Jerry Falkner, Howard Fehlman, Jack Ferguson, Jerry Finchum, R. F. Ford, Martin Franz, Lee Friend, Larry Fuegen, Leon Gage, Jerry Galloway, Larry Gay, Roman Gillitzer, Stan and Judy Ginn, Gary Gist, R. A. Glenn, Duane Graham, Bruce Haener, Gary Hakes, Todd Hansen, Gordon Hayes, Bill Heisman, Joe Hernandez, Terry Hester, Bill Homer, Jim Hyde, Ronnie Jones, Gary Keithley, Gary Keller, Kerry Kelley, Leon King, Billy Klapper, Buddy Knight, Jim Kress, Edward Lawrence, Jerry Lindley, Denny Lytle, Bill and Sally Madole, Ernie Marsh, Jesse Marsh, John Mincer, David Moralez, Wayne Paul, Gene Pearson, Kevin Peebler, Keith Peebles, Glenn Pointer, Danny Pollard, Dan Price, Robert Pruett, Walt Rambo, Dave Randol, Larry Reich, Mike Richardson, Milton Rhea, Christoph Rieser, Don Rogers, Gene Rogers, Bob and diane Scalese, Steve Schmitt, Dale Schrock, Frank Schultz, Perry Shirley, John Smith, Joe Spiller, Marlin Spurgeon, Bill Stewart, Randy Struck, Allen Taylor, Rod Teuscher, Alan Tiensvold, Jason Tiensvold, Dickie Tignor, Ron Tollison, Jerry Valdez, Pat Vaughn, Tony Wallace, Jerry Wallace, Jeremiah Watt, Gary Wiggins, Jimmy Wilson and Russell Yates. Includes shipping in the USA. For fast ordering call 719-685-9024. Our address is Ruxton's Trading Post, 22 Ruxton Ave., Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829.

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