Ruxton's Trading Post

Ruxton's Trading Post is located in an historic building that straddles Ruxton Creek. Ruxton Creek served as a landmark and route for Native Americans and early 19th century explorers.  One of those explorers was Frederick Ruxton and it seemed appropriate that we name our store after him.

Ruxton Avenue is the route to the Cog Railway Station and the Barr Trail Trailhead. Ride the Cog Railway to the summit of Pikes Peak or test your stamina on Barr Trail, a 13 mile climb to the summit.

Ruxton's Trading Post features Cowboy and Indian Antiques and Collectibles and Native American Art. Please browse our site or contact us with your wants.

Gretchen and Mike Graham, Proprietors

Parago Circus

This incredible Parago Miniature Circus is the life's work of late Harry and Maxine Chalfant. Harry did his first circus building in 1935. I have included a detailed history of their work and an inventory of the items that make up the circus. I am providing 99 photos of the circus. Some photos show individual items while other photos show them in groups. This is a link to all of the pictures; We are selling this for the family. Buyer to pay actual shipping, packaging and insurance. The buyer can elect to pick up the Circus in Colorado Springs, Colorado if they agree to pay local sales taxes or provide tax exempt certificates. Here is an inventory of the Circus. 1 Case tractor w/driver, dual rear wheels, wagon hitch, pull-over rope; length, 6 inches. 4 Mack FT Model chain-drive tractor w/driver, dual rear wheels, water tank, spigots, spare wheel, wagon hitch, water bucket, lantern, length; 15 inches. 11 Big Top stake-n-chain wagon w/superintendent in office, 2 boxes, 1 shovel, 2 sledge hammers, wagon steps, 24 wooden stakes, 98 big top side poles; length; 11 inches. 15 Horse top wagon w/8 center poles, 132 side poles, 8 mud blocks, 3 body poles, 1 set double trees; length 13 inches. 23 Cookhouse boiler wagon w/cook, 3 steam kettles, 1 soup kettle, 2 barrels, 1 box, 1 shovel, 1 boiler fireman, 2 wagon steps, 2 x 5 table w/4 boxes, cups, saucers and plates; length, 12 inches. 26 Steam Calliope w/drive, player, boiler-man, tarp, shovel, 4-horse hitch; wagon length, 10.5 inches 27 Air Calliope w/33 whistle instrument and compressor, player and folding chair; length, 9 inches 28 Cookhouse wagon w/10 table tops, 42 seat planks, 4 center poles, 12 side poles; length, 9 inches 29 Band Organ wagon w/ mechanic, work box, steps; length, 12 inches 30 Blacksmith wagon w/interior bins, blacksmith, harness maker, performer, anvil, forge, tub, saddle bench, 2 wheel stands, 2 work stands, barrel, 3 small wheels, 4 tool boxes, 9.5 x 23 awning, 6 poles; length 10.5 inches 31 White ticket wagon w/ 1 trunk, ticket sign, curtain sign, curtain, ticket seller, show manager, steps; length, 10.5 inches 32 Stringer wagon w/1 orange and 3 blue spare stringers, 5 bull tubs, 1 gilly cart, 1 parade cart; length, 13 inches 33 Allegorical float w/body pole and double tree; length 6.5 inches 34 Chair wagon w/curtain, 2 performers, steps, double tree, 1 box; length, 12 inches *** All wagons have brake wheels, folding footrests, double trees, removable wagon poles, hook rope rings, and drag-shoes. 35 Seat plank wagon w/18 ring curb sections; length, 10.25 inches 36 Seat plank wagon w/18 ring curb sections; length, 10.25 inches 37 Seat plank wagon w/14 ring curb sections, extra double tree; length, 10.25 inches 38 White chair tableau; length, 10.5 inches 39 Seat jack wagon w/4 extra seat jacks; length 10 inches 40 Menagerie canvas & pole wagon w/30 quarter poles, 76 side poles, 2 sidewall ladders; length 11 inches 41 Seat plank wagon w/3 boxes, 2 sacks; length, 10 inches 43 Cookhouse water wagon w/3 barrels, 3 water drums, 1 milk can, 3 rolls canvas; length, 9.25 inches 44 Big Top canvas wagon w/canvas loader, spare wheel, 2 body poles; length, 10.25 inches 45 Big Top canvas wagon w/canvas loader, 4 sidewall ladders, 1 set double trees; length, 11.25 inches 47 Mechanical stake driver w/twin hammers, Briggs & Stratton engine, 100 wooden stakes, 6 buckets, 4 sledge hammers, 3 picks, 1 shovel; length, 9 inches 49 Light Plant w/2 massive Caterpillar 3408 generators, control panels, cables, globes, floodlights 3 wagon steps, electrician; length, 10.5 inches 50 Light Plant w/2 massive Caterpillar 3408 generators, control panels, cables, 2 wagon steps, mechanic; length, 11.25 inches 51 Light Department rigging wagon w/14 light arms, fixture trunk, fixture box, 5 cable reels, light cables, junction boxes, wagon steps; length, 9 inches 52 Light green seal den w/ tank, 4 seals and side boards; length, 13.5 inches 53 Red 2-section cage w/side boards, 1 tiger, 1 male lion; length 11 inches *** All wagons have brake wheels, folding footrests, double trees, removable wagon poles, hook rope rings, and drag-shoes. 54 Yellow 3-section cage w/side boards, 2 male lions, 1 female w/cub; length, 11.25 inches 55 Dark green Gnu den w/side boards, 1 Gnu (Wildebeest); length, 9 inches 56 Red bay-window hippo den w/ side boards, water tank, large hippo w/young; length, 13 inches 57 Light green monkey cage w/7 monkeys; length, 10 inches 58 White hippo den w/ side boards, water tank, yawning hippo in tank; length, 11 inches 59 Yellow 2-section cage w/2 male lions; length, 9 inches 60 White giraffe cage (open top) w/2 giraffe; length, 9.25 inches 62 White 2-section cage w/red side boards, 3 hyenas; length, 9.25 inches 63 Orange rhino den w/side boars, horned rhinoceros; length, 10.25 inches 65 White 2-section cage w/green side boards, 1 tiger, 1 cheetah; length 9 inches 66 Golden Tableau wagon w/wagon steps; length, 10.25 inches 67 White 2-section cage w/1 black panther, 2 spotted leopards; length 9 inches 68 Red 2-section baboon cage w/1 male baboon and 2 female baboons w/young; length, 9 inches 69 Red 2-section cage w/2 tigers; length, 11.25 inches 70 White Side Show Tableau w/2 wagon steps, 2 boxes; length, 12 inches *** All wagons have brake wheels, folding footrests, double trees, removable wagon poles, hook rope rings, and drag-shoes. 72 Side Show canvas and pole wagon; length, 10.25 inches 4 sectional side show center poles 4 flag staffs 12 side show quarter poles 3 entrance tent center poles 72 side poles 19 sectional banner poles 4 mud blocks 1 set double trees 74 Asia Tableau w/driver, 6 piece band 4-horse hitch; length, 11 inches 75 Red 3-section cage w/2 antelope, 1 kangaroo w/ pup in pouch; length, 10.25 inches 78 Wardrobe wagon; length, 11.5 inches 2wardrobe trunks 3 wardrobe boxes 10 costumes on racks 2 ladders 1 bicycle 1 wardrobe mistress 79 Green Tableau w/wagon steps; length, 9.5 inches 80 White Polar Bear cage/orange side boars, 2 polar bears; length, 10.25 inches 81 Red 2-section cage w/2 brown bears; length, 9 inches 85 Concession wagon w/candy butcher, 4 milk cans, 21 table jacks, 9 table tops, 16 poles, 7 boxes, 1 coke crate, wagon steps; length, 9.5 inches 85 Big Top prop wagon w/4 boxes, 3 trunks, 2 pedestals, 1 hoop and stand, 6 silver bars, 3 posts, 2 wagon steps; length, 12.5 inches 88 Big Top rigging wagon w/3 bail rings, 12 double blocks, 6 single blocks, 4 coil ropes, 18-10 side poles, 9 sledge hammers, 1 pick, 2 wagon steps, 1 double tree, 1 roustabout, 3 parts boxes; length, 10.5 inches *** All wagons have brake wheels, folding footrests, double trees, removable wagon poles, hook rope rings, and drag-shoes. 90 Elephant trappings and prop wagon w/handler, 3 work harnesses, 3 double trees, 1 rotating pedestal, 6 wardrobe trunks, 8 bull hooks, 1 box w/hooks, rings and chains, 9 x 14 striped awning, 22 poles, 2 wagon steps; length, 10.25 inches 92 Big Top pole wagon; length, 18 inches 4 Big Top 28.5 inch center poles 22 long quarter poles 30 short quarter poles 4 flag staffs w/flags 8 fall rods 6 menagerie center poles 17 big top guy ropes 18 menagerie guy ropes 2 stake pullers 2 water barrels 6 pole jackets 100 Train light plant w/ Caterpillar diesel generator, 2 boxes, wagon steps, mechanic; length, 9 inches 115 Red Ticket wagon w/3 ticket sellers, 1 show treasurer, wagon steps; length, 10.25 inches 91 4 foot Warren circus flatcar w/truss rod 94 4 foot Warren circus flatcar 95 4 foot Warren circus flatcar 97 4 foot Warren circus flatcar w/truss rods 72 4 foot Mt. Vernon circus stockcar w/2 zebras and an elephant coming down ramp w/handler 120 EA. wheel chalks for flatcar loading, 21 feet railroad siding for unloading, 1 set runs w/jacks; 9 man train crew w/blocks and ropes Cotton candy stand w/candy butcher, cotton candy machine, and cotton candy rack; stands 6 square inches Circus Souvenir Stand w/hawker, balloons, programs and trinkets *** All wagons have brake wheels, folding footrests, double trees, removable wagon poles, hook rope rings, and drag-shoes. Side Show w/hand-painted banner line 1 arched entrance banner, 15 x 15 1 four-pictorial snake banner, 15 x 15 9 double deck banners, 7.5 x 15 38 banner pole guy ropes 18 banner pennants 1 banner line spreader chain w/14 pulleys 2 ticket boxes 1 ballyhoo stage w/curtain 4 entrance railings 1 side show talker 2 ticket sellers 1 snake charmer w/snake 3 Masai warriors 3 Southern minstrels 1 ticket taker 1 30 x 72 round-end show tent w/sidewall and guy rope 1 12 x 12 entrance marquee w/gate chains 1 wardrobe box 3 equipment boxes 2 trunks Main Entrance Marquee 1 12 x 16 entrance marquee w/sidewall 3 ticket takers 3 3.25 x 4 gates 2 4 gate railings 1 16 peaked entrance banner 10 side poles 3 center poles 2 crates Menagerie w/44 x 124 round-end tent w/sidewall and 44 x 80 look-in area Concession stand w/2 candy butchers 2 Coca Cola tubs 12 Coke bottles 3 Coke crates 12 Cracker Jack Boxes 2 feeding wheel barrows/meat 5 boxes 1 trunk 34 guarded posts 8 guarded ropes 2 water buckets 10 animal handlers 1 American Bison 2 Llamas 2 Zebu 2 Zebra 3 Dromedaries stake line for above 9 Elephants 330 Wooden tent stakes 150 Iron tent stakes *** All wagons have brake wheels, folding footrests, double trees, removable wagon poles, hook rope rings, and drag-shoes. Big Top 72 x 144 3-ring, rounded-end big top w/sidewall and 31 x 72 viewing area grandstand seating w/462 folding chairs railing and curtains for grandstands round-end blue bleachers ring curb for 3 performing rings 2 ring blankets trapeze rigging above all 3 rings 8 swinging ladders 11 safety net poles 4 blue prop boxes 3 orange prop boxes 1 red prop box 1 green prop box 1 white prop box 5 performing pedestals 3 sleeping roustabouts 8 canvas men 5 2-humped camels w/spec robes 4 camel drivers 1 spectacular hippodrome parade marshal 1 elephant w/girl rider and handler 2 clowns riding ostriches 1 hippo w/cart, driver and handler 6 clowns 5 acrobats w/teeter board 1 shifting den w/seal and handler 1 wire walker w/A-frames and guying 1 Big Show announcer 4 performing liberty horses and trainer 1 ring horse w/poodle and handler 2 clowns aerialists 2 spectacular hippodrome parade ladies 1 spectacular hippodrome parade drummer 1 animal trainer 1 reserved seat ticket box w/ticket seller

Price: $195,000.00

Ruxton's Trading Post

22 Ruxton Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-9024