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Bamco Glass only 10.5 oz. Highball 4 glasses 501-4

(Item: 501-4)


Since 1946 Bamco Leather Crafts has been made in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  The cattle brands on the first series of glasses were inspired by western artist Till Goodnan who designed western theme china during the 1940s and 1950s which was made by Wallace China in Los Angeles, California.  Now three generations later Bamco still produces the highest quality western glassware made.  Our brands are baked on at 1100 degrees making them permanent.  Please do not confuse our glassware for imitations that suffer damage when run through the dishwasher.  On April 19, 2013 Ruxton's Trading Post became the sole owner of the Bamco inventory and factory.  These milk/hiball glasses are 5 inches tall.  They are 2 3/4 top diameter and 2 1/4 bottom diameter.  If you want to buy in person please visit Ruxton's Trading Post,  22 Ruxton Avenue, Manitou Springs, Colorado  80829.  To order by phone please call Mike Graham at 719-377-1919.  Thank you for you future and past business. The price above is for 4 glasses without leather with shipping in the US included.  Item number 501-4.




Price: $80.00