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G. S. Garcia spurs, Made in Elko, Nevada


G. S. Garcia spurs, Made in Elko, Nevada


Guadalupe S. Garcia learned saddle-making starting in 1880 at the age of 15.  He apprenticed at the Arana Saddle Shop in San Luis Obispo, California while still in High School.  After graduating he opened his own shop in Santa Margarita, California in 1882.  

He had heard of great potential customers in Elko, Nevada and moved there in late November of 1893.  

In 1896 Garcia hired John Estrada, blacksmith, son of Juan Jose Estrada from San Luis Obispo to make bits and spurs in house for G. S. Garcia Harness and Saddle Shop.  The master silver worker at the time that your grandfather bought his spurs was Alsalio Herrera.  John Estrada and Paul Adams were apprentices in the silver working part of the spur making process.

In 1902 Garcia had from 10 to 15 employees.

Your father’s spurs are single mounted, meaning that they have silver inlay on only one side of each spur.  And they are not one of the fancier designs.  What is good about them is they are in original condition with a good aged patina to the iron.

The reverse N indicates that they were made prior to 1910.

These spurs are extremely popular with collectors.  

Value:  $3750