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Mack's Saddlery Saddle from Pueblo Colo.

Mack's Saddlery Saddle from Pueblo Colo. 16 inch seat. Here is a history of Mack's Saddlery from the book "Saddle Strings" by Don Bailey. The McConnell family record states that Fred McConnell came from Missouri and worked for R. T. Frazier from 1912 until 1917. In 1918 he worked for S. C. Gallup and then moved to Utah, returning in 1918/19 to work for Thomas Flynn. Their record also states that he opened Mack's Saddlery in March of 1922 at 130 South Union and also worked for Frank Flynn until the T. Flynn Saddlery closed in 1935. This differs from the city directories which list Fred McConnell at Flynn's in 1920. From 1921 until 1930 he is listed as an employee of the Colorado Fuel and Iron steel mill. From 1930 until 1935 he is listed working at the T. Flynn Saddlery. The directories show 130 South Union vacant until Frank Flynn's second-hand goods store is listed there in 1932-1934. Fred McConnell is not mentioned until 1935 when Mack's Saddlery is listed at 132 South Union, and the T. Flynn Saddlery at 133 S. Union. The 1942 directory lists Mack's Saddlery at 116 S. Union. Fred McConnell retired in 1961. Frank McConnell worked with his father until Fred retired in 1961 after which Frank operated the shop. Located at 116 South Union Avenue, it was next door to a carpet store which caught fire on October 27, 1989. The fire spread and Mack's Saddlery was destroyed, resulting in the retirement of Frank McConnell. When Kitty Frazier closed the R. T. Frazier Saddlery, the McConnells acquired Frazier's display horse and used it to display their products in the front window of Mack's Saddlery. This display horse has quite a local reputation since it had washed out of the Frazier Saddlery during the 1921 flood and was found, in a tree, 14 miles east of Pueblo. Spectators at the 1989 fire urged the Fire Department to save the horse. The firemen and others knocked out the front windows and salvaged the horse but everything else was destroyed.